Repatriation of Remains

Requirements for shipping remains of a Zimbabwean National to Zimbabwe:

  1. Copy of Death Certificate
  2. Copy of Post-Mortem Report
  3. Copy of Embalming Certificate
  4. Copy of Non Infectious Diseases Certificate
  5. Copy of Permit to repatriate remains
  6. Copy of Zimbabwean passport ( pp1-5 for old type passport, last page for new type passport)
  7. Non Hazardous/ flammable goods declaration affidavit (by Funeral Home)
  8. US$35.00 money order payable to Embassy of Zimbabwe
  9. Self addressed, stamped return envelope
  10. Send the above documents to the Embassy of Zimbabwe, 1608 New Hampshire Ave., NW, Washington, D.C. 20009 for onward transmission to Head Office for issuance of a health certificate.
  11. Processing time is approximately 5 business days.
  12. Original documents cited above to be sent with the remains.
  13. An affidavit/letter from a representative of the  deceased’s family requesting that the body be buried in Zimbabwe is required.