Ambassador’s Welcome Message

Welcome, Mauya, Siyalemukela, to the Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe to the United States of America in Washington, DC. The Embassy is the official representative of the Government of Zimbabwe, charged with the important task of promoting, protecting and safe guarding the national interests, image and influence of the Republic of Zimbabwe in the United States of America.

The Embassy is also tasked with promoting economic, social, cultural, scientific and educational cooperation between Zimbabwe and the US Government, departments, agencies, the business sector, influential individuals and groupings, International Finance Institutions (IFIs), and other important entities in the USA.

The Embassy’s other key function is to provide consular services to Zimbabwean and foreign nationals in the USA, as well as to facilitate and promote the Diaspora’s engagement and participation in Zimbabwe’s national development initiatives.

Diplomatic relations between Zimbabwe and the United States of America were established on Zimbabwe’s Independence Day on 18 April 1980. In fact, the United States was the first country to establish an Embassy in Zimbabwe, at Independence Day.

Since independence, Zimbabwe has worked to maintain cordial relations with the US, even after the imposition of sanctions following the land reform programme of 2000, that sought to redress the colonial land ownership imbalance (between the minority white farmers who owned vast tracts of fertile and arable land, versus the majority black peasants who owned small pieces of land in dry and arid regions of the country). These sanctions are in effect, to date.

The fundamental foreign policy posture of the Second Republic in Zimbabwe is to pursue re-engagement with countries that imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe, including the US. The Administration is focused on normalizing its international relations with all nations and attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Zimbabwe’s diverse and lucrative economic opportunities that are in agriculture, mining, manufacturing, tourism, construction and infrastructure development, information and technology industry, energy (hydrocarbons, power generation), transportation (air, rail and road) the service sector (especially the health and finance) industries.

The economic thrust of the Second Republic is to develop Zimbabwe and attain Upper Middle-Income status by 2030, with all sectors of the economy contributing towards the realization of that goal.

Therefore, my message to all interested American stakeholders and the Zimbabwe Diaspora, is that Zimbabwe is open for business and is inviting your full hearted and active engagement in implementing its developmental programmes and aspirations. This is a call for you to join Zimbabwe, grasp the nettle, put all hands-on deck and embrace a positive disposition in nation building.

I look forward to active interactions and deliberations with all stakeholders as we contribute towards delivering positive results and achieving progress in the country’s development path.

I thank you!