Domestic tourism recovery is benefiting from a freer global travel environment as countries gradually remove COVID-19 restrictions, as well as the introduction of new flights into the country by airlines, particularly to the resort town of Victoria Falls.

Continued destination marketing through campaigns, online marketing and radio and television adverts is expected to improve and generate demand in the domestic market and source regions such as Africa, Europe, America, and Asia.

On its part, the Government is extending incentives to the sector to aid recovery and performance during 2023 and beyond, particularly through tax incentives that allow for procurement of new capital equipment for expansion, modernization and renovation of hotels and restaurants.

Environment and Natural Resources Management

A clean, safe and healthy environment is a foundation for sustainable economic development and hence, the need to address environmental challenges facing the country such as deforestation, pollution, soil erosion, land and wetlands degradation, poaching, loss of biodiversity and contamination from poor mining practices.

Government is, therefore, committed to following a greener growth path, improving the environment, climate change management and developing its biodiversity economy to achieve sustainable development. The biodiversity economy, entailing sustainable use and/or conservation of indigenous species in their natural habitats will be developed to improve livelihoods and ensure climate resilient economic development.